Donna Karan

Donna Karan is the premier fashion designer and perhaps the most influential in America. Born on October 9, 1948 in New York. she dropped out of school in 1962 and started selling clothes at a neighborhood boutique. After a successful design career at Anne Klein, Donna Karan started her own business “to design modern clothes for modern people" in 1984. What made her initially famous in the industry was her line of elastic bodysuits. She also became known for her very successful Essentials line, initially offering seven easy pieces which could all be mixed and matched, and created a fully integrated wardrobe. Karan's design is inspired by New York - its energy, pace, and vibrance that attracts the most sophisticated and artistic people in the world, the type of people and lifestyle for whom she has always designed. Her principle is that clothes should be interchangeable and flexible enough to go from day to evening, summer to winter. In 1988 Karan extended her women’s Signature Collection by a less expensive line, called DKNY, for younger women. The line was such a hit that Karan can be regarded as the first designer to successfully establish a bridge collection.

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