Crazy For Ear Jackets


Ear jackets have no signs of going anywhere. In the beginning, they may have been thought of as a hot trend, but in today’s style world, they have proven their staying power.

New to this fierce earring look, and not exactly sure what it is? It is simply a two-piece earring that hugs the ear from the front and back of the lobe. The back piece is longer than the front so that a design either loops around to the front of the earlobe, or peeks out from under the earlobe. They are FABULOUS. Even subtle looks can capture attention because they are very modern and interesting looking.

Those who are just starting out in the world of ear jackets for the first time might be inclined to start with simpler styles, but because designers are spitting out such fashion-forward and innovative designs right now, we highly suggest just diving right into it! Once you start wearing them, you will become an ear jacket addict!


Nicky Asseraf Pink Dreams Ear Jackets $75


Metal Mixology Avalanche Ear Jackets $198


Nicky Asseraf Crystal Half Moon Bar Ear Jackets $97


thevjshop Pearl Shield Ear Jackets $32


Nicky Asseraf You Had Me At Hello Ear Jackets $66


Nicky Asseraf Quarter Moon x Pyramid Stud Ear Jackets $82

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