• Golden Goddess

    Golden Goddess

    By Joyce Huang on 2013/10/09

    Gold pieces have such a luxurious and ethereal air to them. The rich metallic color and sheen is quite intoxicating. See some of our favorite gold designs available for purchase right now. Herve Leger print dress, $2,690 This sexy,...

  • The Denim Edit – Lustre Life’s Fall Denim Shopping Guide

    The Denim Edit – Lustre Life’s Fall Denim Shopping Guide

    By Holly Boyle on 2013/10/08

    If there’s one fashion rule that has stood the test of time, it’s that jeans are your everyday bestie. They are ubiquitously loved and seasonally versatile. They aren’t bound by the confines of blink-and-you’ll-miss-it trends nor are they defined...

  • The Iridescent Glow

    The Iridescent Glow

    By Susan Linney on 2013/10/07

    For a brilliant and unique twist this season, opt for an iridescent glow. The look of this hologram-inspired accent is so unique and futuristic. And what is amazing is that with every move that you make, the colors will...

  • Hot Trend – Fashion Sweatshirts

    Hot Trend – Fashion Sweatshirts

    By Holly Boyle on 2013/10/05

      Traditionally sweatshirts fall into the category of gym attire and around-the-house wear, but lately the “lazy Saturday” deemed clothing has seen a well-deserved reboot.  The luxe sportswear trend is now viewed as a hero piece and has been...