Spring / Summer Fashion Week 2015 Trends – Paris Edition


The power of Paris is not lost on us. Especially when it comes to Fashion Week and the last stop on a month long fashion binge.  The idea that new is always better doesn’t seem to resonate heavily in a city that boasts copious amounts of historic art and culture at practically every street corner.  But there was an air of newness that discreetly snuck past us all.  While we focused our attention on familiar faces of the past – 70’s influenced women’s movement, normcore sportswear and textural fabrics, everything did actually feel fresh. Innovative.  Directional.  Yet, classically Parisian.  That’s the beauty of being the final say of Fashion Month – just when we think we’ve seen it all, that je ne sais quoi the City of Lights emanates, reels us back in, reminding us that the future of fashion will always include hints of nostalgia.

The New Normcore – That definitive denim nod we witnessed at Milan Fashion Week parlayed into a clear embrace of the normcore trend for PFW.  The practical everyday wearable style showed up in varying cuts and styles of denim and basic sportswear from the likes of Chloé and Kenzo.

F is for Fabric – Suede may have been decided as the new spring fabric for the other three Fashion Weeks (NY, London and Milan), but Paris turned the tables on seasonal fabrics with the inclusion of leathers, suedes, furs and shaggy feathers.

Higher and Higher – It’s not just hemlines that will reach new heights next spring, necklines, specifically on dresses and shirts, are being elevated to a higher territory as well.  Dressing gowns from Dior, Victorian-esque blouses from Louis Vuitton and sheer cocktail dresses from Rochas mimicked mock turtlenecks and high collars.

Suffragette City – When Karl Lagerfeld leads a feminist protest, it’s not just the clothes we’re fixating on. Power dressing via contemporary suiting and retro cuts and prints proved to be as formidable of a spring trend as the concept of ultra feminism expression.

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