Modern Holiday: What to Wear on Thanksgiving

Over the years, typical Thanksgivings have taken on a whole new meaning. We find ourselves sharing this holiday with extended friends and family, with neighbors and co-workers more than ever before.  Friendsgivings have taken the place of more formal occasions, intimate dinner parties are on the rise as well as pot luck style work parties. What we’ve come to love and appreciate is that this holiday is to be celebrated with anyone and everyone near and dear to us.  For this Thanksgiving, we want you to solely focus on enjoying this time and not fuss over what to wear.  So we turned to Brooks Brothers for sartorial inspiration.  Their collection of polished, sophisticated pieces make it easy to style three looks for whatever type of celebration you’ll be attending.  From casual work parties to candlelit dinners, these three ensembles from Brook Brothers strike the perfect balance of comfort and style.

Outfit #1

Soft Dobby Tiered Quilt Print Dress $238

Camel Hair Polo Coat $1,498

Leather Whipstitch Point-Toe Pumps $149

Botanical Motif Statement Necklace $76


Outfit #2

Merino Wool Embroidered Houndstooth Sweater $178

Leather 5-Pocket Mid-Rise Pants $598

Wool Mohair Blend Double-Breasted Coat $538


Outfit #3

Merino Wool Turtleneck $82

Chiffon Flounced Skirt $178

Botanical Motif Statement Necklace $118

Lamb Shearling Coat $1,498


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