Drumroll, please! Here is our third holiday gift guide featuring some of our favorite kid items from Nordstrom. There are so many cool gifts to check out. And to be honest, a lot of these kid items would make great presents for adults too.

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OMG Accessories 3-Pack Kids’ Contoured Face Masks $25 [SOLD OUT]

A lot of kids have to wear masks in school now. Pro tip: Get them cute masks that they won’t want to take off.


Andy & Evan Kids’ 3-Pack Clear Front Masks $23

Clear front masks are great because you can see facial expressions and the designs are super kid-friendly.





FAO Schwarz Masterwork Portable Art Studio Set $50 [SOLD OUT]

The budding artist in your life will fall head over heels for this incredibly well-stocked art kit. It has everything from 32 crayons to 24 watercolor paints.


Bright Stripes Mash Up Paint and Pastel Art Pack $35

We love how this multimedia art set is packed because it can easily be stashed in a backpack for on-the-go art creations.




Perplexus Yeti In My Spaghetti $15 [SOLD OUT]

The game involves a yeti and a bowl of spaghetti. What more could a kid want?


Hasbro Candy Land Board Game $13

It’s a classic! We love this game if there are little ones that you want to include.


Singing Machine Kids Mood Karaoke System $50

Unleash a kid’s inner performer with this fun karaoke machine that has light show features. It can also be used as a nightlight.


Melissa & Doug 41-Piece Star Diner Restaurant Play Set $33

While it’s fun for kids to ‘play’ restaurant, this play set will also help prepare them for the real life processes of how these establishments are run from business and consumer perspectives.


Skip Hop Zoo Ride-on Unicorn Toy $65

For very little kids (ages 1-3) who are itching to get on a scooter, this Skip Hop version is for them! It even comes with a booster seat if needed.

Skip Hop Zoo Stack & Pour Buckets $10

Perfect for little hands, kids will love playing with these little buckets in and out of the bathtub. They’re also stackable so that they can be stowed under the stroller or in a diaper bag easier.




Hasbro Connect 4 Game $15

Even if your giftee can’t figure out the rules of Connect 4, kids will enjoy just popping the checkers in and out of the grid.


Elf on the Shelf North Pole Advent Calendar $33 [SOLD OUT]

Advent calendars are beloved by kids because they have a surprise to look forward to for so many days. This one features 24 Christmas-themed items for them to open up.


Neuhaus Classic Chocolate Advent Calendar $55

Kids love chocolate, which means kids will love this calendar. And if for some reason your kid doesn’t like chocolate, you’ll get it eat it all.


IScream World’s Smallest Game of Catch $12 [SOLD OUT]

This game of catch will keep kids enthralled for hours. We have a feeling that it would also keep many adults enthralled for hours as well.


Arcade1Up Infinity Gaming Table $1,000

Be there favorite adult when you present them with this jaw-dropping gaming table that contains coloring books, games, and comics.

Melissa & Doug Doctor’s Kit Play Set $33

Children will love using their imagination and using these props to play doctor. Another reason to get it is so that you can familiarize a child with items a doctor might use on them so that they don’t get scared during their next visit.


Thames & Kronos Creatto Lion Serenghetti Friends Kit $10

This stunning kit will let the recipient build animals like a lion, snake, ostrich, and rhinoceros. The light up design will look gorgeous displayed.


Mattel Star Wars The Mandalorian The Child Plush Toy $37

Grogu (also referred to as Baby Yoda a lot) is loved by many. This sweet plush doll even comes with a crossbody bag so that little ones can tote it around easily.


Miniland Asian Boy Newborn Baby Doll $22

We are so in love with the inclusivity of Miniland baby dolls. Kids will love having a doll that looks like them!


Glober Primo Light-up Wheels Foldable Scooter $80 [SOLD OUT]

With light-up wheels and a foldable design, this scooter is designed with space and ease in mind. Don’t forget! For safety, children should wear a helmet when riding scooters.


Best Ride on Cars Kids’ Vespa 12V Scooter $279

Up the ante this year with a spectacular kid’s Vespa. Too freaking cute!


BottleBlond Jewels DIY Puzzle Kit $26 [SOLD OUT]

We highly suggest getting a few of these to really help the kid in your life unleash their creativity and imagination.


Nailmatic Kids’ Set of 2 Water Based Nail Polishes & Sticker Set $22

Kids love painting their nails and they love stickers. What’s not to love about this set?


Hasbro Bop It Micro Series $19 [SOLD OUT]

A compact version of the original, this smaller-sized Bop It! Is great as a mobile toy. Use it to keep kids busy during long car rides.


Manhattan Toy Making Faces Magnetic Play Set $32

Children will love all of the fun faces they can make with this magnetic face set. It will inspire so much creativity.


Dylan’s Candy Bar Gummy Bears Cupcake $28 [SOLD OUT]

You could give someone of any age this cupcake-filled gummy bear present and we have a feeling they would be incredibly happy.


Sugarfina Baby Butterflies 4-Piece Candy Cube $36

We can never say no to gummy candies! And these Sugarfina ones are so pretty to boot.


Teamson Kids Little Chef Fairfield Retro Play Kitchen $250

Kids will love how fun and realistic this play kitchen is, while grown-ups will appreciate how stylish it looks.

Mon Ami Cookie Scented Sachet Doll $50

Beautiful, elegant, and simply stunning, this Mon Ami doll is perfection. Your little one will want to take it everywhere they go.


Just Dutch Melanie Rabbit Bumble Bee Dress $36 [SOLD OUT]

This Melanie Rabbit doll just tugs at our heartstrings. It’s definitely something that you will want to consider holding onto for more than one generation.


Just Dutch Melanie Crochet Bunny $36

Just Dutch crochet dolls aren’t just adorable. They’re perfect for cuddling with!

FAO Schwarz Dinosaur Advent Calendar $40 [SOLD OUT]

Kids will love how much an advent calendar gives. Especially when it’s full of amazing toys and activities like this one.


Melissa & Doug Oversized T-Rex $50

Eek! How much joy would this massive stuffed animal bring a child? SO MUCH JOY! If it’s for a child that’s not your own, make sure the family has room for something this large first.


Open the Joy The On the Go Activity Box $60

The On the Go bag we featured sold out, so you know you have to get this On the Go Box before it’s gone too.


Super Smalls Days of the Week Lip Balm Set $33

How adorable is this rainbow-hued lip balm necklace? Fashion meets function for little tots.


Dylan’s Candy Bar Chocolate Lovers Tackle Box $26 [SOLD OUT]

Make sure to get one for yourself too because this candy box has everything from chocolate-covered cookie dough to chocolate-covered gummy bears.


Sugarfina Cookie Cravings A Candy Tasting Collection & Chocolate Bar $40

Delicious cookie bites and a mouthwatering candy bar? Yes, please!


Eeboo Koala House 64-Piece Puzzle $12 [SOLD OUT]

Eeboo uses the funniest photographs to incorporate them into puzzles that will keep kids enthralled.


Omy Super Hero Giant Coloring Poster $22

Omy pieces keep selling out in our gift guide because they are just that much fun. Plus, they are wonderful for all ages.


Eeboo Bioluminescent 100 Piece Puzzle $17

Eeboo puzzles keep selling out because they make fantastic holiday gifts. This sea creature puzzle is fun to put together and then learn from.

SOLD OUT: Eeboo Sloth at Play 64-Piece Puzzle $10

Beautiful, colorful, and full of animals, this will be such a fun puzzle for kids to put together. And then afterward they can search for and count all of the sloths in the picture.


SOLD OUT: Janod Sweet Cocoon Alphabet Puzzle $25

For ages 2-6, this alphabet puzzle is great for fine motor skills in younger children, while older kids can use it to practice their writing and spelling.


SOLD OUT: Eeboo Animal Spelling Puzzles $17

Make spelling fun with the help of pictures and puzzles. This is a great puzzle set to get kids learning how to spell some of their first words.


SOLD OUT: Charbonnel et Walker Milk Chocolate & Truffle Assortment $50

In case you didn’t know, kids love chocolate. And this box has 50 pieces. How much are they going to love you after this present?


SOLD OUT: Melissa & Doug Dust Sweep Mop Toy Set $36

Little kids love, love, love to clean and help out. They’ll love playing with this mini cleaning set on a daily basis. Now, teenagers, they’re another story.


SOLD OUT: Omy Kawaii Coloring Poster Book $16

Yes! So many yeses to this spectacular and kawaii coloring book. Kids and adults will get lost in a world full of unicorns, candy, and magic.


SOLD OUT: Squishmallow 16-inch Plush Toy Pillow $35

Great for cuddling with and nestling into, this Mickey Mouse plush pillow is wonderful for Disney fans.


SOLD OUT: Paper Source Superhero Mask Kit $20

Keep the kiddos busy and entertained with this adorable and fun mask kit. They’ll want to wear them all of the time.


SOLD OUT: Hasbro Simon $25

A blast from the past, The Simon game is easy to learn and so much fun to play, The sequences get longer and longer for a mesmerizing challenge.


SOLD OUT: Jellycat Blushing Boiled Egg Plush Toy $14

We love Jellycat plushes for all ages. They have a variety of designs from this smiling boiled egg to a super adorable raspberry and a soft clementine.



SOLD OUT: Dylan’s Candy Bar Creepy Crawlers Tackle Box $28

A box full of gummies, especially one made up of creepy crawler gummies, will bring a big smile to any child’s face.




SOLD OUT: Teamson Kids Little Chef Chelsea Modern Play Kitchen Set $200

If the recipient has the space for it, a kitchen set would be such an awesome gift for a child! A kid can and will enjoy it for many years to come.



SOLD OUT: Eeboo Animal Counting Puzzle $17

Children will be able to have fun while learning how to count and spell numbers. It even won a Best Toy Award.



SOLD OUT: Janod Cleaning Playset $39

The Melissa & Dough cleaning set has sold out at Nordstrom, which means that this Janod version will also sell out fast. Be sure to snatch it up now!




SOLD OUT: Just Dutch Miffy Dutch Rabbit and Her Tulip Bag $35

We love everything about this hand-crocheted plush from its perky ears and tulip bag to its cute nose and adorable shoes.




SOLD OUT: FAO Schwarz Piano Dance Mat $55

We have never met a child that hasn’t loved a piano dance mat. You’re going to be their new favorite person if you get this for them!



SOLD OUT: Open the Joy The On-the-Go Bag $25

Guardians will love having this bag readily available and kids will happily dive into what’s inside of it. This on-the-go bag has items like origami, sculpting sticks, and coloring materials.




SOLD OUT: Good Banana Dinosaur Bubble Machine $21

If you’ve ever been around a little kid, then you know how much they love bubbles and how much they are going to enjoy this machine.


SOLD OUT: Dylan’s Candy Bar Chocolate Lovers Gift Bucket $75

We’re going to bet that the kids on your list love chocolate. How much are they are to freak when they see this?




SOLD OUT: Eeboo Shiny Dinosaur Memory & Matching Game $18

This matching dinosaur cards set is fantastic because it will sharpen the mind on top of being fun to play.



SOLD OUT: Omy Kids Life Giant Coloring Poster $16

Omy posters are so whimsical and endearing, which means that they sell out pretty fast. This is a great activity for rainy days or when kids have their friends over.



SOLD OUT: Jellycat Fabulous Fruit Apple Plush $11

Get one for your favorite little one and one for yourself because this super soft plush is amazing to nap and sleep with.






SOLD OUT: Eeboo Dragon 64-Piece Puzzle $12

Puzzles are a fantastic present for little ones because not only are they fun, but they can bring the family together and sharpen the mind.

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