Sparkle Republic


Ladies love sparkle. It’s a fact, sure as death and taxes. All that glitters gets us giddy.

The fashion industry caters to our sparkle republic offering up rhinestone embellished sweatshirts, glittery footwear, sequined sweaters, dazzling dresses, shimmery bags, and encrusted jewels, the list simply goes on and on. The selection of sparkle is spark-tacular.

Word to the wise: the key to keeping your twinkle twinkling is to make sure your drycleaner takes good care of your delicately embroidered items. He/she will be in charge of those tiny glimmering embellishments that bring you so much joy.  So make sure you kill ‘em with kindness so you can rock that sparkle like the disco ball you are.

Alice+Olivia Foss Dress $597

Agent Provocater Astra Bra $790

Topshop Glitter Earrings $12

Giuseppe Zanotti Patches Ankle Boots $1595

Topshop Sparkle Slip Ons $35

St. John Caviar Pullover $995

Alice+Olivia Justina Skirt $525

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