The Origins Guide to Skincare

What do primrose, rice, retinol, salicylic acid, caffeine, and vitamin C all have in common? They all do amazing things for your skin. Origins is wonderfully innovative and expansive when it comes to the ingredients they use in their skincare products. It can be intimidating when it comes to shopping for items to use on your face, but Origins has got it covered with its Ingredient Index page. Here you’ll find an index of their power-hitting ingredients, an explanation of what each one does, and then products of theirs that contain said ingredient. This way you can easily shop for everything from moisturizers and serums to face washes and exfoliators that will target your exact needs and wants.

Keep scrolling for some of our favorite ingredients to use during the summer months.



We love this for cell turnover.

Plantscription™ Retinol Night Moisturizer $71


Vitamin C

We love this for brightening skin.

GINZING™ Into The Glow Brightening Serum $46


Salicylic Acid

We love this for preventing breakouts.

ZERO OIL™ Pore Purifying Toner With Saw Palmetto & Mint $26



We love this when we are in need of a refresh.

Ginzing Vitamin C and Niacinamide Eye Cream $37


Rice Particles

We love using this to gently exfoliate.

Modern Friction Nature’s Gentle Dermabrasion $45


Primrose Oil

We love this for its softening effects.

Hello Calm Relaxing & Hydrating Face Mask $28


White Tea

We love its antioxidant properties.

A Perfect World Age-Defense Skin Guardian With White Tea $64


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