Skincare Tips For Summer Upkeep

Blame it on the weather! You might find your skin looking a bit dull and lackluster right about now or maybe your issue is that your pores have become the biggest that you have ever seen them. On top of the summer weather, your skin may also be facing some obstacles if you are wearing a mask whenever you are out and about. To treat a variety of skin concerns, browse through these editor picks from bareMinerals that will get you looking refreshed and luminous again.


For Oily Skin


Mineral Cleansing Wipes $15

Get all of that makeup and dirt off with gentle face wipes. Keep them in the fridge if you want something really refreshing.

Poreless Clay Cleanser $22

Draw out those excess oils with the power of clay facial products.


Blemish Remedy Acne Clearing Serum $42

This serum fights acne and calms redness at the same time.


For Anti-Aging

Skinlongevity Long Life Herb Serum $62

Made with long life herb, which is part of the local diet in Okinawa, Japan, this serum will not only improve the look of your skin but will protect it from the environment as well.

Skinlongevity Green Tea Herbal Eye Mask $35

These masks will soothe the sensitive skin under your eyes. Plus, they’re vegan!



For Dry Skin

Pureness Gel Cleanser $22

Get your face clean without stripping away moisture.


Smoothness Bare Haven Soft Moisturizer $35


This formulation will keep your skin soft and supple. Use it day and night.


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