Fashion takes FIFA: Kick Off Summer with World Cup Inspired Style

Whether you’re a hardcore fan or idling as an unexpected spectator on the sidelines, it’s hard to ignore the hype around the 2018 FIFA World Cup – and the fashion world has taken note with amped-up athleisure with a blatant football (A.K.A. soccer) centric twist.

When it comes to soccer-inspired style, the bold and brazen football scarf reigns as the most notable accessory to make its way from the stadium to the streets. Meet your match with team-touting versions by Adidas Originals that leave no question to who you’re cheering for or ultra-sleek and modern soccer styles to actually play in. Cool kicks like Adidas Originals’ Samba Rose (a women’s redux of the ‘80s soccer icon) will score you extra style points, while net-like mesh tees, track jackets, and jersey dresses will be sure to keep up your sartorial winning streak. Here we round up 6 fashionable spectator staples:

adidas Originals World Cup Brazil Soccer Scarf $20


adidas Originals Samba Rose Sneakers $100


adidas Originals Soccer Jersey Layer Tee $90


adidas Argentina Soccer Tank Dress $90


Mexico Hat $22

Tiro 17 Training Pants $45

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