Crazy For Color At The Gap

The Gap is all about making a colorful and vibrant impression this season. Sherbet strawberry, Easter blue, saturated yellow, rich green and pastel purple are just a few of the sweet hues you can snatch up from them. Mix and match these fantastic colors for a fun and memorable end result. These shades pair extremely well together which means you’ll be able to create a different look for every day of the week. And guess what? Every single item featured in this story will cost you under $100. Gap also offers free shipping, every day, with no minimums. Um, yes, please!

Ribbed U-Neck Pullover Sweater $45

Mid-Rise True Skinny Ankle Jeans $80

Cropped Short-Sleeve T-Shirt $25

Modern Tank Top $17

Vintage Short Sleeve T-Shirt $20

Sateen Bomber Jacket $90

Skinny Ankle Jeans $80

Softspun Flutter Mini Dress $60

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Joyce Huang
Joyce Huang


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