How to Dress Like a French Woman

French woman

Chic, sleek, classic and forever feminine are all adjectives that adeptly describe a French woman.


Vogue had its inception in Paris along with Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Chloé, and Alaïa.  Francophiles posses an inane sense of style covetable to women everywhere because they rely on garments that flatter their form, are wearable yet elegant, exude luxury yet modesty.


A French woman always takes a less is more approach, steers clear of baring too much skin (are you listening Kylie?), but is all the sexier for it.  Hair swept back, figure-flattering outerwear, chic flats or oxfords, slick boots, lace, ruffles, trousers, pegged denim, a signature parfum, perfect lip, and a classic bag all essentials for conveying modern elegance. Trés Français.


Chloé Ruffled Crepe de Chine Blouse $1450

Chloe pants

Chloé Flared Pant $1395

Chloe 3

Chloé Crepon Dress $4995


Akris Leather Jacket $3990

Akris pants

Akris Five-Pocket Pant $895


Nicholas Kirkwood Pointed Loafer $425


Saint Laurent Universite Crossbody $1890


Christian Louboutin Chelsea Boot $975

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