Summer-to-Fall Switch-Up: 3 Rules for Transitioning Your Beauty Routine


Being in between seasons can be tricky when it comes to beauty. You don’t want to totally overhaul your product arsenal (after all, it still hits 80 degrees on some days!), but you do need to make some adjustments as the climate gradually cools. Before fall officially hits us, we’ve got three simple tricks that you can try to start switching up your regular beauty routine.


1. Dilute Your Self-Tanner. If you’ve been using a self-tanner this summer, it’s time to ease up. But you don’t need completely abandon your golden glow. Instead, give your skin a more gradual (and realistic-looking) fade by mixing your self tanner with your body moisturizer.


2. Use a Creamy Cleanser. A cooler climate usually means drier skin. Infuse your face with an extra shot of moisture each morning by switching to a cream cleanser. We love Lancôme Comforting Milky Creme Cleanser, $30, which is formulated with nourishing honey and sweet almond extracts.


3. Start Strobing. [Joyce—can link to strobbing post here]

Most of us use powder bronzer to highlight the areas on our face that the sun would naturally touch (like the bridge of the nose and the apples of the cheeks). But now that the cooler weather is coming, try reversing this trend—swipe a bit of bronzer underneath your cheekbones to contour, and highlight the nose and cheeks with a concealer or illuminizer. Nars Illuminator in Copacabana, $30, is very easy to apply and lasts for a long time.

And whatever you do, don’t stop using SPF! Sun protection is crucial all year long and is key for a healthy complexion. Supergoop! is one of our new favorite brands, check out their Skin Soothing Mineral Sunscreen, $28.

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