Pocket-Sized Skincare: Sephora’s New Eye Mask Collection


The skin under and around your eyes is the most fragile of you entire face. And unless you’re one of a very lucky few, you’ve probably had problems with puffiness, dark circles, fine lines, crow’s feet, redness…are we right? It’s crucial to take care of that delicate under-eye derma, which is where Sephora’s refreshing fiber eye masks come into play.

Each individually wrapped mask (there are eight in total) targets a specific concern and contains a different active ingredient formulated to brighten and revitalize the eye area. Our favorite is the Green Tea Eye Mask (Masque Yeux thé Vert), which soothes red, irritated skin, and the Ginseng Eye Mask (Masque Yeux Ginseng), which delicately tightens and tones. Each rounded, disposable mask is cut to fit easily under the eye, allowing for the ingredients to efficiently and effectively penetrate the skin. You wear them for 15 minutes, remove, then gently rub any excess product into the skin. No rinsing necessary!

These little packets are inexpensive, easy-to-pack, and perfect for summertime travel. And if you love the way they work, check out Sephora’s Face Mask collection, which offers the same eight skin-savers infused into individually wrapped fiber sheets. Use the two together for the ultimate at-home facial, with next-to-no clean up or mess!

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