Chic Shades: The Best Winter-to-Spring Sunglasses

In the winter, we rarely think about the inclusion of sunglasses into our seasonal accessories repertoire.  It’s all hats, gloves and scarves.  But we would be remiss to exclude sunglasses. Mostly because the stylish collection from Italist is like an instant outfit upgrade.  When we are all bundled up and cozy, there’s nothing like a cool pair of shades to top off and reframe the entire ensemble.  Coming in a wide variety of colors and ranging from classic styles to oversized frames to cat-eye silhouettes, Italist’s extensive collection of ultra-chic sunglasses leans into every style aesthetic we know and love.


Akoni Virgo – Black / Gold Sunglasses $741


Alexander McQueen Eyewear Am0403s Light Blue Sunglasses $436


Off-White Amalfi Sunglasses $280


Loewe Sunglasses $370


Ahlem Dauphine Rose Gold Sunglasses $436


Prada Eyewear Rectangular-frame Sunglasses Sunglasses $344


Max Mara Emme13 Sunglasses $204


Bottega Veneta Eyewear Square Frame Sunglasses Sunglasses $440


Vava Round Frame Glasses Glasses $496


Kuboraum Maske P8 Sunglasses $484


Ambush Nova Sunglasses $240


The Attico Vanessa – Fuchsia Sunglasses $205


Jacques Marie Mage Hickory Sunglasses Sunglasses $766


Celine Cat-eye Thick Sunglasses $336


Gucci Eyewear Gg1151s Sunglasses $368



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