Activewear Refresher: Stella McCartney Sportswear for Spring

Hello, there. We see you, Stella.

Stella McCartney Sportswear a.k.a. adidas by Stella McCartney is looking so good for the Spring 2024 season. The latest collections have us really taking notice. The oversized tote bags are perfect for stashing all of your gym gear and has a pocket on the inside and outside to help with organizing. Trainers are being offered in modern and futuristic silhouettes and designs. There are so many colors to choose from it’s a sneaker wonderland. And make it a point to check out all of the items from the TrueStrength and TruePurpose collection. Functional, but super chic. You’ll want to wear them out even when you aren’t working out.

Stella Large Tote Bag $160


Earthlight Running Trainers $180


TrueCasuals Woven Trackpants $150


TrueCasuals Zebra Print T-Shirt $120


Sportswear Running Trainers $280


TrueStrength Long Sleeve Yoga Crop Top and Bottoms $100 and $120


TrueStrength Seamless Long Sleeve Yoga Top $120


Dropset Trainers $222


TruePace Running Dress $180


High Socks $25


TruePurpose Optime Training Cycling Shorts $100



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