4 Tricks for Styling Short Hair

short hair

Short hair is often easier to deal with on a daily basis than longer locks, but it still takes a little work to make a cropped cut look its best. Here, we’ve put together four simple styling tricks to make those pretty pixies and beautiful bobs even easier to manage.

1. Embrace air drying. You can give a short style natural-looking lift — and minimize heat damage — by only blowing it about 50 perfect dry. Add a dab of pomade immediately after, then let the hair air dry.

2. Don’t use a brush when you blow dry. When you are using a blow dryer, use your fingers — rather than a brush — to target specific areas. This will give you a much more natural-looking shape, and you can adjust the style once it’s dry.

3. Texturize your styling tools. It’s sometimes difficult to hold short styles in place — especially when hair is soft and smooth — because bobby pins slip out or move around very easily. But you can give them instant grip by spraying them with dry shampoo or a texturing spray.

4. Don’t forget to deep condition. Short strands need moisture just as much as long locks, even if split ends aren’t immediately visible. Using a deep conditioner two to three times a week will tame frizz, prevent breakage and make hair easier to manage.

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