10 Makeup Trends for Fall 2022 You Must Try

A new season always brings new trends. It gives us a chance to try new things, bring back some old favorites, and just give our look a welcome refresher. AND, because life is returning back to somewhat normal, we’ll get to show off our faces more, which is why we’re itching to get on hands on new makeup products to try. We are truly having a ‘look-at-me’ moment.

The Glossy

Shiny and lustrous, give your mouth so glossy gloss.

Ecstasy Mirror Lip Gloss $38


Less is More

You don’t want a cakey base. Opt for something that’s super natural.

Luminous Silk Foundation $69


Sunburnt Blush

Going on with that natural note, pat your blush where to sun would hit for a sunburnt appearance.

Neo Nude-a-Blush $36


Get Your Smudge On

Eyeliner is going grunge this season.

Smooth Silk Eye Pencil $30


Blue Period

Sometimes you just need a hit of blue to make you feel bold.

Eyes to Kill Stellar Eyeshadow $36


Bright Eyeshadow

So pretty and fashion-forward, bright eyes will instantly dress up your whole look.

Eye Tint Liquid Shadow $30


Metallic Eyeshadow

Illuminate your eyes with gold, silver, bronze, and more.

Eye Tint Liquid Shadow $30


Red Pouts

We have so many red lipsticks and have no problem, making room for more.

Ecstasy Shine Lipstick $38


Graphic Eyes

Make sure you pick a liner with staying power.

Eyes to Kill Designer Liner $36


Popsicle Lips

We first saw this look years ago when K-beauty was trending hard and are still so in love with it.

Lip Power Long-Lasting Satin Lipstick $39


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