1 Bodysuit, 3 Ways: How to Style Summer’s Trendiest Top 

Sensational summer style all in one piece.  Sounds too good to be true, but you haven’t seen Stella McCartney’s cut-out bodysuit.  We are always smitten with a figure-flattering bodysuit, but spice it up with some cut-outs and an energetically bright hue like cerulean and, well, we are fully head over heels.  Stella McCartney’s seasonal collection of covetable pieces makes pairing this one-hit wonder incredibly easy.  We’ve taken the liberty of styling three looks that strike the right balance of incorporating trends, all the while keeping it polished and feminine.  These three ensembles evoke a sexy insouciance and are meant for summer days spent at cocktail hour, brunch al fresco, or backyard gatherings with friends.  The perfect summer calendar.  Ahead, the easiest piece to insert into your summer wardrobe rotation and three looks to prove it.

Cut‐Out Knit Bodysuit $1,095


Outfit #1

Tailored Twill Jacket $1,795


Twill Belted Cargo Pants $1,395


Puffy Slider Kitten Mules $459


Stella Logo Raffia Crossbody Bag $750



Outfit #2

Silk Shorts $417


Stella Logo Shoulder Bag $950


Sneakelyse Sandals $537


Square Sunglasses $195



Outfit #3

Alter Mat Mini Zip Skirt $537


Crystal Mesh Mules $975


Falabella Mini Crystal Mesh and Satin $1,095



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