Hide N’ Go Peep


We here at Lustre Life are card-carrying members of the Peep Toe Fan Club. The seasonless wonder that at times feels like two shoes rolled into one. Think of it as footwear that effortlessly combines sugar ‘n spice and sass ‘n class.

When sporting a peep toe, one must remember that their tootsies themselves are part of the opening act. Thus picking the right polish at times could be called critical.

So, a few minor things to remember when searching for the perfect varnish for your peeps:

  1. Don’t be manic. We’re talking polish. Not politics.
  2. Polish should complement, not steal your shoes thunder.
  3. Go for a statement making neutral, you’ll get more mileage for your buck.
  4. And lastly, enjoy the <peep> show.

Perfect Pairs:

Lanvin Metallic Heel Sandal $356

Marc Jacobs Enamored Hi-Shine Nail Lacquer in Black Cherry $18


Giuseppe Zanotti Wing Sandal $1,595

NARS 3.1 Phillip Lim Nail Polish Hell Bent Deep Orange $18.00


Alexander McQueen Punk Skull Pump $1,040

Butter London Union Jack Black $15.00

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Shannon Cavanagh
Shannon Cavanagh


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