Comfy Footwear: Camper for the Win!

Look, we’ve been inside a lot the last 365 days and our feet are just not ready to jump into anything that is going to squeeze, pinch, or make us teeter and totter. BUT we still want something that gives us a hit of style when we are going out. And thus, begins our hunt for comfortable shoes that can complement everything from statement shoulder dresses and printed maxi dresses to cozy loungewear and wide-leg jeans. Camper shoes definitely caught our eyes with styles like the striped Traktori boots with Ortholite® cushioned footbed, the Eki leather boots with chunky soles, and the mismatched Twins sneakers. These shoes are perfect for those who want comfort encased in unique and sustainable designs.

Traktori Striped Boots $395

Eki Leather Boots $545

Twins Sneakers $135

Pix Multicoloured Shoe $155

Upright Boot $199

Twins Lace-up Shoe $170

Meda Semi-open Sandal $170

Alright Sandal $155


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Joyce Huang


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