Current Must-Have: Lee X H&M Sustainable Denim

100% recycled jeans, a water-saving dye process, no harmful chemicals, and more is what the brand-new Lee X H&M denim line is all about. If you have been looking for ways to do better for our environment, this is the perfect collection for you. BONUS: Everything in the women’s line is under $60!

H&M has really taken initiative in the sustainable environment department with its Conscious line and even hopes to have all its clothing made from recycled or sustainable materials by the year 2030. That’s something that is really deserving of our attention and money.

Lyocell-Blend Denim Jacket $50

Made with sustainably-sourced materials, we want to wear this comfy and classic jacket with everything and everywhere. It will never go out of style.

Denim Corset-Style Top $25

We got some Britney Spears flashbacks when we laid eyes on this corset-style top. The denim was made in an energy-saving and water-efficient process, and even the thread is made from recycled polyester.

Wide Ultra High Waist Jeans $40

Can you believe that the appliqués on these jeans are made from cork and recycled polyester? Lee X H&M has thought of everything!

H&M+ Denim Shirt Jacket $60

In addition to being a versatile shirt, this piece is made from organic cotton and recycled polyester fabric. Love it.

Rib-Knit Hat $13

This adorable knit hat is so soft because of its recycled polyester fabric. We fell for the white and lavender color combo immediately.

Denim Bucket Hat $13

Get ready to satisfy your inner 1990s girl with this throwback bucket hat. The sweatband is made from a linen and organic cotton blend and the denim was made without environmentally harmful chemicals.


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