Zoom Beauty Tips: Products For a Video-Ready Face

Is it just us or have you felt yourself needing to look camera-ready at all times? We are constantly jumping on video meetings for work, with family, maybe a date here and there, and to catch up with friends. It’s a bit daunting to see our face so often, and we’re not going to lie, at times some of us were like, “Is that what I really look like?” But along the way we’ve picked up a bunch of beauty tips to pass on to you so that you look and feel your best the next time you have to ‘Join with Video’.


Here’s how you can achieve a great Zoom face with the help of Bobbi Brown cosmetics.

Repair Serum $119

Be sure to treat your skin well because a great canvas allows for less makeup and easier application of it.

Skin Foundation Stick $49

We highly recommend blending out some foundation on your face before your video calls. It will even out your skin tone and cover up any redness.


Creamy Concealer Kit $40

Look well-rested and give your eyes a gentle pop with a brightening concealer and set it with powder with this convenient kit.


Sheer Finish Loose Powder $44

Give your face dusting of loose powder to minimize too much glow or to tame any oil build up.


Brow Gel $29

Give your brows instant shape and fullness with a great brow gel. After all, eyebrows frame the face.

Pot Rouge $34

Dab on a bit of extra blush so that it translates on the screen. The pop of color will liven up your look. This pot rouge can also be used on your lips!

Extra Balm Rinse $76

Make sure to clean off all of that makeup before you go to bed! We especially love products with a citrus scent like this one.



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