Yes, Please: Alison Lou X J.Crew Jewelry Collab

Alison Lou makes some of the most adorable jewelry, which is why when we heard that she was doing a collaboration with J. Crew, we were like, “Yes, please!” J. Crew has been churning out some fabulous jewelry over the years and we knew that this line would be no exception. From delicate, layered necklaces and heart-shaped rings to crystal bracelets and beaded hoop earrings, every item has a wonderful playfulness to it. These are fantastic transitional pieces because we plan on wearing them now with our maxi dresses and tissue tees, as well as later with fall sweaters and slouchy blouses. They are definitely a versatile buy!

Beaded Heart Drop Earrings $78


Striped Beaded Hoops $65


Daisy Hoop Earrings $78


Heart-Shaped Earrings $50


Beaded Bracelet $50


Layered Pendant Necklace $70


Heart-Shaped Ring $60

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Joyce Huang
Joyce Huang


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