In Your Face: Loud and Bold Logos

Fashion went discreet for a while. There was no need to go on blast about what designer you were wearing and logos were very understated if they did show. My, how times have changed!

Today it’s OK to tell the world if you’re wearing Saint Laurent, Gucci and Valentino. From glittering statement earrings and colorful athleisure wear to printed sneakers and comfortable slides, there are so many stylish and fun iterations to choose from. On days you’re feeling extremely cheeky and out there, you could even combine some of the styles for something really bold.

Which of these fierce styles will strike your fashion fancy?


Gucci Logo Crystal Bow $570


Valentino Logo Pavé Drop Earrings $525


Fendi Logo Mesh Dress £585


Balenciaga Logo Poolside Slides £435


Vetements Perforated Logo Sneakers $930


Gucci Baseball Cap $TBD


Loewe Fringe Logo T-Shirt £725


Saint Laurent Signature Earring $495


Balmain Logo Bracelet €490


Fendi Mirrored Sunglasses $520

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Joyce Huang
Joyce Huang


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