Stroke of Jean-ius – 5 Unexpected Denim Pieces You Need RN

Excuse us while we make some room in our closets. 3×1 Denim just gave us 5 spectacularly cool reasons to give our favorite jeans a much-needed break. Utilitarian jumpsuits, track shorts, lace-up skirts, cut-out dresses and oversized trousers spotlight this season’s most covetable trends plus these pieces come to you in the most stylish denim we ever did see. So in case you aren’t receiving the obvious memo here, pick up some 3×1 denim today. Don’t worry, your beloved jeans won’t mind a bit.

Pleated Oversized Trouser $265


Peek-a-boo Dress $345


Snap Off Track Short $198


Hollow Skirt $245


Moxy Jumpsuit $365


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