Eye On Modest Fashion: 8 Covetable Pieces

Modest fashion has become a mainstream term that more people are curious about. To put it simply, it is clothing that allows the wearer to cover up, whether due to their own sartorial choice or because of their religion. However, in recent years, some designers have taken notice of this market and have even started to create clothing targeted to modest fashion wearers, such as Uniqlo, with its line of sophisticated pieces by Hana Tajima.

While not every brand specifically creates modest fashion pieces, there are still lots of ways to show less skin in a very chic manner. Check out these gorgeous items that are perfect for the modest fashion enthusiast.

Diane von Furstenberg Long-Sleeve Maxi Dress $598


Mary Katrantzou Nyx Pleated Skirt $1,228


Diane von Furstenberg High-Neck Dress $698


Ji Oh Striped Asymmetric Skirt $595


Alexander Wang Basket-Weave Trousers $650


Dolce & Gabbana Floral Caftan $2,995


The Row Neyton Silk Satin Coat $4,890


Dolce & Gabbana Floral Kimono Gown $5,490

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