Tiny Wonders: 10 Stunning Pairs Of Dainty Earrings

Bold earrings are incredibly major right now, but for a more everyday look, stud earrings will never go out of style. What’s fantastic about the insane amount of tiny earrings that are out there right now is that they are beautifully designed with high craftsmanship. These little earrings are wonderful for everyday wear and work for day or night. You can buy stud earrings in pairs or in singles even. They also make fantastic accessories for those who have multiple piercings up the ear.

Check out the dainty wonders that made the LustreLife edit for the big punch they pack.

Grazia And Marica Vozza Nugget Earrings $1,720

Sydney Evan 14K Saturn Earring $330

Maria Tash 18K White Gold Earring $1,405

Monica Vinader Riva Circle Earrings $250

WWAKE Two Step Tourmaline Earrings $355

Caroline Bucci 18-Karat Rose Gold Earrings $230

Melissa Joy Manning Herkimer Diamond Earrings $300

Andrea Fohrman Opal Earrings $3,600

Loren Stewart Ruby And Sapphire Earrings $639

Niza Huang Crush Stud Earrings $150

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Joyce Huang


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