• The Iridescent Glow

    The Iridescent Glow

    By Susan Linney on 2013/10/07

    For a brilliant and unique twist this season, opt for an iridescent glow. The look of this hologram-inspired accent is so unique and futuristic. And what is amazing is that with every move that you make, the colors will...

  • Hot Trend – Fashion Sweatshirts

    Hot Trend – Fashion Sweatshirts

    By Holly Boyle on 2013/10/05

      Traditionally sweatshirts fall into the category of gym attire and around-the-house wear, but lately the “lazy Saturday” deemed clothing has seen a well-deserved reboot.  The luxe sportswear trend is now viewed as a hero piece and has been...

  • If the Shoe Fits: Beautiful Bridals Heels, Pumps and Flats

    If the Shoe Fits: Beautiful Bridals Heels, Pumps and Flats

    By Susan Linney on 2013/10/03

    If getting married isn’t exciting enough, there’s also the added exhilaration of finding the perfect gown, as well as the necessary accessories. Choosing your bridal shoes can be a challenge—do you want an understated pair that simply complements your...

  • Sexy Romance

    Sexy Romance

    By Joyce Huang on 2013/10/02

    Have a formal event to WOW at? You really can’t go wrong with a Jason Wu number. This coveted designer has dressed some of today’s biggest names such as Michelle Obama, Reese Witherspoon, Iman, Zoe Zaldana and Diane Kruger....