Wrap Yourself in Inhabit


It can be hard to find a balance between style and warmth during the blistering cold winter months, but Inhabit manages to do so flawlessly. Featuring luxurious knitwear that will become staples in your closet, Inhabit has a wide range of fabrics and designs to choose from. You are going to love how easily and seamlessly Inhabit knitwear will move with your body. An added bonus is that these are all items that are perfect for layering, which means that you can wear them through various seasons and create brand new ensembles depending on what you mix and match.

Cashmere Chainette Jacket, $267

The cocoon look of this cashmere jacket is artistic and beautifully shaped.

Cashmere/Cotton Stripes, $318

The elegant stripes on this soft-knit top have a lovely Parisian flair.

Weekend Cotton Sweatshirt, $228

Go sporty-chic with this modern fashion sweatshirt with front pouch.

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Joyce Huang
Joyce Huang


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