High-Performance Training Gear by Under Armour

From Spartan races to Ironman triathlons and every sprint and stretch in between, fitness challenges were made to test the limits of our bodies and minds. If you’re looking to push the boundaries of your body, you need to come prepared.

Under Armour is the forerunner in high-performance apparel, and we’ve rounded up our top picks to get your training wardrobe in top shape: trail running shoes, high-impact sports bras, all-weather jackets, and breathable running tanks will help you surpass the competition, while advanced tech devices like heart rate-monitoring headphones and smart workout bands help track your progress along the way. Combined with ambition, adrenaline, and adventure, these workout essentials will see you through your victory lap and beyond.

Trail Running Shoes in Steel $109.99


Eclipse High Heathered Zip Sports Bra $59.99

Fly-By Racerback Running Tank Top in Marathon Red $34.99

Favourite Mesh Graphic Women’s Long Sleeve Shirt $44.99


Bora Rain Jacket in Mako Blue $90


Launch Printed Tulip Running Shorts in Marathon Red $40


Luminous Studio Leggings $90

Wireless Heart Rate Headphones $200


Band Fitness Device $80


64oz Insulated Water Bottle in Rebel Pink $19


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