Shop Online to Help Your School - Frequently Asked Questions
Answers to some common questions:

  • Do I need to sign up for anything? Will I be receiving marketing emails because of my contributions?
    You do not need to sign up for anything. You will not receive any marketing emails because of your contributions.
  • Will people be able to see what I buy from a store or my credit card information?
    No. Since the stores will only report the time and amount of each transaction to us, and will not share your credit card number and purchased items with us; as such they will not be seen by anyone.
  • Can I still earn credit card and store reward points for myself besides earning money for school?
    Yes. You can still earn the same reward points for buying at the store and for using your credit card, in addition to earning money for school.
  • Can I save a store link and use it to enter the store later?
    Unfortunately not. In order to earn money for a school, you will need to enter a store each time through the school page.
  • Is it possible to see the individuals who have made contributions?
    No. The contribution report will not show the names of the individuals who have made contributions.
  • Can I invite my friends to participate?
    Yes. You can share the link to the school web page on your Facebook and other social media web sites, so that your friends can also contibute to the school by shopping online.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know at

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